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Why Choose Hartman Financial Planning?

We're Financial Planners that...

... plan based on YOUR values.
... create a strategic plan with your goals.
... don't take commissions.

Independence and Flexibility

Hartman Financial Planning is not affiliated with any bank, brokerage firm or insurance company. As an independent Fee-Only firm, we work solely for our clients. All prices are disclosed up front. Only 1% of the nation’s financial planning firms operate in this manner.

We do More than Just Investment Management

We will help you get your finances in order including developing a sustainable budget together, if needed.

We can provide an overall financial plan reviewing all areas of your finances, A la Carte advice for a specific need such as IRA rollovers, does that annuity I'm being sold really make sense, or just a second opinion. We continue to advise and coach you on a regular basis, if desired, to ensure that your plans stay on track.

Conflict Free - Think of us as your buyer’s agent

We do not sell products, nor do we receive any commissions or third-party referral fees. The Fee-Only, hourly-as-needed structure bolsters flexibility and objectivity. We are a Fiduciary. We place your interests above all others and make recommendations that are the best for you, not for the firm or broker that sells the products

Our Philosophy
Who We Are

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