We provide Fun-Filled Educational Workshops that we can customize for your organization...

... No really, they're fun! Look at these great topics:

"Your Ultimate Adventure"
Take a trip with your financial soul mates! Learn about your money personality and how it affects your financial decisions when life happens! Learn how to set financial goals that inspire you!

"Financial GPS"
Get out your GPS! Learn where you are on the map financially and can see if you are on track. Also address debt issues if you have them.

"Parachutes and Umbrellas"
Umbrellas? Discover how umbrellas and parachutes relate to insurance.

"Portfolio Pizza"
Your personal pan pizza in the form of a tasty portfolio. Creating your investment portfolio will be as easy as pie. Pizza pie. Yum.

"Building Your Retirement Fortress"
Your retirement fortress can be a house of cards or a stone castle. Come to this seminar to find out which it is.

"Prepare for Takeoff"
Get ready to send your kids (or yourself) to new heights with our college planning workshop. Cessna or Lear Jet? You pick.

"Estate Tax Monster is Hungry"
Slay the estate tax monster. Learn how and when to avoid probate and proactively transfer your assets.

Contact us for more information about our workshops.


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