Hartman Financial Planning is a Fee-Only financial planning and Registered Investment Advisory firm headquartered in Valencia, California. We specialize in providing hourly, as-needed financial planning and advice to individuals, families, and small businesses regardless of their net worth, income or investable assets.

Our specialties are retirement planning including using real estate, financial goal setting and implementation, and small business solutions. We offer the full range of financial planning services.

As Fee-Only advisors, we work solely for our clients. No commissions are ever received, removing the possibility we will sell you a product or service that benefits our pocketbook.

We work with people from all walks of life, providing hourly financial planning and advice for everyday life. Clients have the flexibility to engage us on either a one-time, as-needed or ongoing basis.

Whether you are building assets for the future — or seeking to protect, enjoy and pass on those you already have —Hartman Financial Planning can help you along the way.

Our full range of services include:

Retirement and Investing Planning Strategies

  • Retirement Capital Needs Analysis
  • Self Directed IRA Investing
  • Real Estate Cash Flow Analysis
  • Analysis and Recommendations of Various Investment Vehicles Based on Your
  • Unique Investment Strengths and Style
  • What to Do When You Don’t Have a Pension.

Small Business Planning Solutions

  • Self-employed and Small Employer Sponsored Retirement Plans
  • Employee Financial Education Seminars on 401(k)s, Employee Benefits, and
  • Responsible Financial Management.
  • Feasibility Analysis—expansion, equipment, labor, etc…
  • Small Business Analysis and Problem Solving
  • Strategic and Business Planning

Personal Financial Planning Services

  • Retirement Planning and Capital Analysis
  • College Funding Advice
  • Cash Flow Spending Plan (Budgeting)
  • Monthly Financial Workshops
  • Stock Option Advice
  • Lump Sum Distribution Advice
  • Life Insurance Needs Analysis
  • Disability Insurance Needs Analysis
  • Financial Seminars for Military, Church and Civic Groups
  • Second Opinion on Investments or Current Financial Plan

We truly provide creative solutions for today and tomorrow! Take the first step for your financial future. Call today to schedule your free Get Acquainted meeting and see if we are right for you.

Here are the steps in the financial planning process you can expect from Hartman Financial Planning. Hartman Financial Planning’s 7 Steps to Financial Success is a win-win approach to financial planning for clients and advisors. It spells out step by step Hartman’s simple-to-understand-and-implement approach to building a brighter financial future.


Initial Inquiry

ADVISOR’S RESPONSIBILITIES: We will provide you with a brief description of our services, philosophies, methodology, and fee structure. We then direct you to our firm’s Web site or mail you an introductory packet to help you learn more.

CLIENT’S RESPONSIBILITIES: If our services appear to fit your needs, you may schedule a Free Get Acquainted Meeting. The Get Acquainted Meeting is either in person or on the telephone and it usually takes 30-60 minutes.


FREE Get Acquainted Meeting/Teleconference

ADVISOR’S RESPONSIBILITIES: We meet with you free of charge in person or via teleconference. It’s an opportunity to exchange information about your needs and objectives, to further discuss which of our services are right for you, and to provide you an estimate of the cost of our services. Remember, Hartman Financial Planning does not accept commissions, and instead charges for our services on an hourly (or portions of), as-needed basis.

CLIENT’S RESPONSIBILITIES: At this meeting we will answer any additional questions you have about financial planning process, listen to your concerns and goals as they relate to your financial life, and begin to gather the information we need to analyze your situation. If you choose to use our services, we will provide a list of additional information that we will need to begin formulating your personal financial plan.


Data Gathering and Initial Preparation

ADVISOR’S RESPONSIBILITIES: After receiving your information, we will begin to review and develop your custom financial plan. We will prepare initial reports that will be used to discuss your plan at your next meeting.

CLIENT’S RESPONSIBILITIES: You will need to gather the requested data and complete questionnaires we provide. This information will need to be provided to us at least a couple of weeks before your next meeting.


Optional Teleconference

ADVISOR’S RESPONSIBLITIES: Depending on your individual circumstances, this meeting may or may not be necessary. If it is, it can be via teleconference. The advisor will work with you to further discuss and clarify the information you have provided thus far, and to refine your financial goals and objectives.

CLIENT’S RESPONSIBILITIES: This is another opportunity for you to clarify your current situation, financial goals and objectives, and to discuss with your advisor any additional questions and concerns.


Analysis and Plan Formulation

ADVISOR’S RESPONSIBLITIES: We refine the information you have provided and study various plan scenarios. We conclude our research and analysis, and produce the final reports that include observations, assumptions, specific recommendations, and an action plan for your unique situation.

CLIENT’S RESPONSIBILITIES: The ball is in your advisor’s court. All you have to do at this point is await your next meeting with your advisor.


Presentation of Your Financial Plan

ADVISOR’S RESPONSIBILITIES: We meet with you to review your personal financial plan and specific recommendations.

CLIENT’S RESPONSIBILITIES: Congratulations! You now hold your personal blueprint for financial success designed with your financial goals in mind. You are empowered with specific recommendations to put your financial plan to work. If you wish, you may employ your advisor further to assist you in implementing your plan.


Financial Checkups

ADVISOR’S RESPONSIBILITIES: Periodic update meetings and reviews are essential to maintain good fiscal health. Your advisor can schedule these periodic meetings with you at whatever frequency you think appropriate.

CLIENT’S RESPONSIBILITIES: Financial planning is an ongoing process, not a one-time event. Proper implementation of a financial plan and periodic professional reviews are crucial to reaching your financial goals. We urge prompt attention. It’s about your financial future.


If desired, we can manage your portfolio on an ongoing basis.

ADVISOR’S RESPONSIBILITIES: Implementation of your plan with quarterly or semi-annual meetings to discuss any life changes and ensure your portfolio meets your needs. Asset allocation and associated investments are reviewed and updated as needed based on current markets and your needs. We agree on the frequency of these periodic meetings.

CLIENT’S RESPONSIBILITIES: Inform us promptly of any financial or life changes or upcoming events so we can plan properly. Follow-up on any action items resulting from our periodic reviews.


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