Some Popular Myths... True or False?

Myth 1: I don't need Financial Planning

This myth is not true. Financial Planning is very unfamiliar to people because the need for it is relatively new. We've gone from society of pensions and lifelong employment at the same company to a world of job changes, 401(k)s, soaring health and college expenses, and many other things the previous generation didn't deal with. People need financial planning services to make sure that they have the proper funding for their retirements, that they have the proper insurance, and that they can help their kids go to college, just to name a few.

Myth 2: This isn't for me

Busted. This myth stinks. Maybe this isn't the way you need to formally look at your finances, but almost everyone needs some financial coaching. We offer Comprehensive and Ala Carte Planning as well as Just What I Need, Please Sessions. Any of these services can be tailored to fit you just right.

Myth 3: This is going to cost me!

This myth. So not true. Our services are designed to make financial planning affordable. The entire process gives you a financial education AND a financial roadmap.

Myth 4: Finances are fun?

This myth is not an urban legend. At our workshop series, finances are fun!!! We take topics that most folks would rather get a root canal than deal with and make them fun. We break your financial life down into bite size morsels, so even if you need a root canal, you can deal with it! You deserve to have a little fun. Visit our website or call 888-367-8466 (3OPTION) for more information..

Myth 5: This won't work for my group

Our fun filled workshop series not meet the needs of your group? We can create a fun educational workshop just for you! We create workshops for your employees, social group or church. Some topics are:
Investment Mistakes to Avoid
Debt-The Good, The Bad, The Ugly
You Say Budget, I Say Spending Plan
Effective Goal Setting


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